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Hello, do you have questions like – What is Best fishing magnet? What is Best fishing magnet kits? What is best magnet fishing knot? A lot of people have similar questions, so today we will try to help you and answer them for you. Me and some of my friends wrote this Magnet fishing guide, where we put all our knowledge. We hope you like it. If you already have enough information about preparation and just want to see our list of best fishing magnets, it is listed below.

Best fishing magnet kits

Our team selected the 5 best magnet fishing kit:

We have discussed more than once about most essential tools with are needed for magnet fishing. We writed article about 5 most essential tools that are needed for for successful magnet fishing.

magnet fishing tools

Tools that is “must have” listed below:

  • Magnet
  • Rope
  • Gloves
  • Bucket
  • Grabbing tool

Right Magnet

The right magnet is very important for successful magnet fishing. To choose the right magnet, we need to distinguish the main features of a fishing magnet:

magnet fishing magnet

  1. The structure of the magnet. The most suitable magnet for magnet fishing is a neodymium magnet.Neodynium (NdFeB) are up to 10x times stronger (if size is same) than regular ferrite magnets (Ferrite magnets used in (refrigerators, loudspeakers, and other small electric). Neodymium magnets are used for magnetic fishing because it takes up less space and weighs less.
  1. Pulling Force. Many magnet fishers choose magnets more than 500lbs, because weaker power magnets may just not be strong enough to pull larger metal objects.
  1. Connection attachment. Some magnets have screwed fastenings, others are already attached to the magnet at the factory.It should also be emphasized that the mounting of the magnets is from above or from the side.An unforgettable rule, if the fastening is not factory-made (irreversible), we suggest to secure such reinforcement with a loctide or just regular super glue.
  1. Magnet shape: Magnets are usually circular in shape. Fishing magnets mostly is one sided (usually bottom). But sometimes you can find double sided magnets. Double side magnets have pulling force from the bottom and top. Double side magnets are good because they can attract objects from both sides, so the probability of catching metal objects are higher. But since two magnets are used in such magnets, one at the bottom and the other at the top, such magnets usually have lower capacities of pulling force.

You should also be aware that over time, magnets can age and lose and by the time can lose some of their pulling force. But nothing to worry, it loses about 1 % of strength every 10 years.

magnet fishing warning


  • If you have more than one magnet, Keep them away from each other. But if accident happened and magnets have accidentally caught each other, or even better, you catch someone has lost a magnet in the water, the slide method can be used. The easiest method to separating magnets is to slide them apart. When separating magnets keep in mind shear force. Magnets are measured on pull strength, so are up to five times easier to move if they are pushed apart instead of pulled apart. Small magnets slide relatively easily, even without spacers. Use two hands for slightly larger magnets or magnets without spacers.

Rope for magnet fishing

rope for magnet fishing

Having a good magnet requires proper ropes to protect it. It should always be remembered that ropes come in two types, static and dynamic.

Static rope: Suitable for magnet fishing because what is a low-elongation rope that is designed to stretch minimally when placed under load, typically less than 5%.

Dynamic rope: is not suitable for magnetic fishing. Such types of ropes are most often used by climbers, as they absorb a large part of the impact when stretched in an accident fall.

When choosing a rope, you need to choose the right length and width of rope. Having a too short rope will make it difficult for fishing from a bridge or higher ledge. You should also evaluate your physical capabilities, because some folks are able to drop magnet more than 60-90 ft (18-27 meters).

  • Most people choose a 50 ft (15 meters) and longer rope.
  • Most people choose ropes from 5/16″ inch (8 mm) to ½” inch (12 mm) thick.

Best gloves for magnet fishing

best gloves for magnet fishing

When choosing gloves for magnetic fishing, you should choose according to the weather conditions:

  • In warm weather, wet hands in summer is not a big problem, it is important that the gloves have a good grip, and have a protective layer against sharp objects such as knives, fishing hooks.
  • Waterproof gloves are essential in winter or in cold weather, as you will freeze quickly if your hands are wet. Invest in some good gloves that will keep the water from your hands and body.

magnet fishing warning


If a long time has passed since you had a tetanus vaccine shot, maybe it is a time for renewal. Because some objects can be very sharp, and sometimes even the best gloves may not protect against scratches and wounds. Mostly Babies and children younger than 7 years old receive tetanus shot, this shot must be renewal after 10 years.

Best Bucket for magnet fishing?

best bucket for magnet fishing

You don’t need to buy a special bucket. A five gallon (20 liters) bucket is a decent choice for magnet fishing. Some folks drill some small holes on the buttom of bucket. Those holes will help you to drain water out of the bucket. Also you can have a small food container (luch box) to store hooks and lures. Because sometimes hooks and lures can make a serious damage to your skin, where high levels of infection can occur.Because, underwater, objects may have been dropped for decades.

What to do, if treasure is to big for bucket?

Of course, it is not uncommon for large metal objects to be pulled with a magnet, which simply does not fit in a bucket. In such cases, it would be useful to have large, plastic cover or strong garbage bags which could be used to cover caught objects. Of course if you plan to transport them.

Why you need a Grappling tool for magnet fishing?

grappling tool for magnet fishing

A grappling tool can help in cases where a magnet is attached to a large object. Sometimes large objects can be as non-ferrous items. And when you pull such items with a magnet, pulling on the surface, they can simply fall off, in which case is good to have a grabbing tool. When pulling a large object, and when it approaches the surface you should drop the grabbing tool with whom to hook the caught object. If the object is caught with a magnet and hooked with a grabbing tool, then just pull both ropes at same moment.

How to tie fishing magnet to rope?

Best knot for magnetic fishing is – Palamor knot. It is the best knot because of simplicity and strength. Of course, if you are an experienced climber or just have great survival skills and can master complex nodes, you can choose other knots such as Figure 8 Follow through.

Only 4 steps!

best magnet fishing knot

  1. Form an loop. Pass the loop through the the hole (eyebolt) and than take it around.
  2. Pass the loop through the hole.
  3. Pass it around the Fishing Magnet.
  4. Pass it around the Magnet. Pull the standing part to tighten.

The end of the rope that is left hanging can be wrapped with flex tape or a patch tape.

Best places for magnet fishing

magnet fishing spots

We have already write an article Fishing Magnet – How to Start, which describes the most suitable places for magnet fishing and how to find them.

In short, knowledge and imagination need to be used when you searching for right place. To find a valuable goods, you should start with the places which people like to visit. A variety of things can be caught in places where tourists gather or people pass through. And fishermen’s favorite places can catch the greatest number of items, although they will generally be limited to being fishing-related.

Many good finds are found when fishing from the bridge. Bridges can be of various types, pedestrian bridges, car bridges. When fishing from a bridge always evaluate what height the bridge is, and what the possible depth is underwater so that you have enough length of rope. Because if the magnet doesn’t reach the bottom, fishing will be pointless.

List of 5 Best magnet fishing kit

5 Place. MHDMAG Double Sided Magnet Fishing Kit

LNM75-2 Maximum puling force: 2x 440 lb/ 2x 200 kg


  • Included Nylon Rope of 100 ft (30 meters).
  • Included Grappling hook.
  • Included Carabiner.
  • Included Gloves.


  • Rope thickness is only 1/4 inch (6. 35 mm).
  • Weaker than concurrents. LNM75-3 is 880 lb (400 kg) combined strength, 440 lb (200 kg) strength each side.
  • Carabiner quality is Questionable.
  • Gloves quality is Questionable.
  • Carrying box is not included.
  • Threadlocker (loctite) is not included.

4 Place. MHDMAG Magnet Fishing Kit

J75 – Maximum puling force: 500 lb / 226 kg

LNM75-3 – Maximum puling force: 2x 440 lb/ 2x 200 kg


  • Double sided Magnet (LNM75-3).
  • 2 sets of Magnets (1 - J75, 1 - LNM75-3).
  • Included Nylon rope.
  • Included Storage box.
  • Included Carabiner.
  • Included threadlocker (loctite).
  • Included Gloves.
  • Included Grappling Hook.


  • 65 ft (20meters) of length sometimes can be little to short. If you are fishing from high bridges, you may want 100 ft (30 meters) or more.
  • Rope thickness is only 1/4 inch (6. 35 mm).
  • Weaker than concurrents. LNM75-3 is 880 lb (400 kg) combined strength, 440 lb (200 kg) strength each side.
  • 1 - J75 one sided magnet with 500 lb (226 kg) of maximum puling force.
  • Carabiner quality is Questionable.
  • Gloves quality is Questionable.
  • Pricey.

3 Place. Magnetics Fishing Magnet Bundle Kit

Maximum puling force: 928 lb/420 kg


  • Included Nylon rope, Good thickness - 5/16 inch (8 mm).
  • Included Carabiner.
  • Included threadlocker (loctite).
  • Included 1 pair of grip Gloves and 2 pairs of non slip Gloves.


  • Rope is 65 ft (20 meters) of length sometimes can be little to short. If you are fishing from high bridges, you may want 100 ft (30 meters) or more.
  • Strength of Carabiner is not rated.
  • Carrying box is not included.

2 Place. Complete Fishing Magnet Kit

Maximum puling force: 1000 lb/453 kg


  • Double side Magnet.
  • Price.
  • Included Nylon Rope, 5/16 inch (8 mm) thickness.
  • Included Grappling Hook.
  • Included Waterproof Carry box.
  • Included Carabiner.
  • Included Gloves.
  • Included Threadlocker.


  • Rope is 65 ft (20 meters) of length sometimes can be little to short. If you are fishing from high bridges, you may want 100 ft (30 meters) or more.
  • Gloves quality is Questionable.

1 Place. Brute Box 1,200+ lb The Original Magnet Fishing Bundle

Maximum puling force: 1,200 lb+/550 kg


  • 1,200 lb/ 550+ pulling force.
  • Included Nylon rope, 1,600 lb Breaking Strength.
  • Included High quality carabiner rated to 5,600 lb/ 2540 kg.
  • Included Hardshell Storage box.
  • Included a 6 ml bottle of threadlocker (loctite).
  • Included Gloves.


  • Rope is 65 ft (20 meters) of length sometimes can be little to short. If you are fishing from high bridges, you may want 100 ft (30 meters) or more.
  • Pricey.

In summary

By our team decision Brute Box 1,200+ lb The Original Magnet Fishing Bundle gets First place. This decision was made, because of magnet build quality, and huge maximum pulling force witch is more than 1200 lb / 550 kg. And yes with great power comes great responsibility. Also need to mention extra tools which were included in this kit such as Hardshell Storage box, High quality carbine (rated to 5,600lb / 2540kg), High quality nylon Rope (breaking strength 1.600 lb / 726),  and Gloves. Also, many people respond positively to this high quality set including us.

This is our recommendation, if you have another magnet, don’t throw it  away if it has enough pulling force. In general, magnet fishing is like a treasure hunt, sometimes it is posible to discover most incredible and valuable goods. And even if you dont catch a valuable items, you need to know that you are helping nature by cleaning its water from rubbish.

We hope that our knowledge and recommendation will make your Magnet Fishing more successful!

Good Luck!

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