Fishing Magnet – How to Start

Simple Guide that will Help you to Start Fishing Magnet Journey:Piers/Bridges

If you read this article, then you are really interested in this mysterious hobby. We will try to share and explain main tips for successful Magnet Fishing.

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If you still do not have tools for Magnet fishing – check our article “What is Magnet Fishing? Secrets of Magnetic Fishing” there you will find topic about 5 basic tools for magnet fishing. If you already have full set up, than you are lucky and ready to take action for the first time.

Magnet fishing: Finding a Spot

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We need to answer some questions. What we are searching? Valuable goods? Fishing equipment? If so, then go where the people are. Literatlly look for areas with high traffic of people, especially in tourist areas and fishing piers. Also, bathing place near water pond is good place to start. Historical places may have fewer things, but the quality of these these items could potentially can have much higher value. Learn how to use magic combination – Google Maps and Google Earth, because from now they are your best friends. Always Look for green park areas near lakes or rivers on Maps, then switch to Google Earth to find the piers.

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Starting magnet fishing on bridges can be a good plan, but remember search for bridges or footbridges with high traffic of people  (maybe it was bridge with high traffic in past?), especially in touristy areas. If you live in city with canals or waterways, those might hold some good and valuable finds as well. I’ve seen a lot of bikes pulled up from places like that.

Fishing piers, docks also good place to start magnetic fishing. This is where you’ll find the great number of items, from all kind of baits to even a fishing seats, although they generally will be limited to being fishing-related goods. If the fishing areas are in a picturesque place, cameras and cell phones can be common.

How to start Magnet Fishing propertly

There is many different methods for different areas.

Magnet Fishing on pier/bridge – when you find a good looking spot to start magnetic fishing. Do some intelligence investigation. Check for dangerous places (broken boards, old bridge), if it is safe, then we can go further. In the imagination divide magnet fishing field (area in water wher you start to investigate with magnet) and divide it by areas (you can mark it with marker on wooden board). When you do it, it less chance to leave untouched areas where possibly treasure is hidding. In each segment, we suggest to sweep from one side to the other 3-4 times. We also suggest to do first swing as close to the pier as you can get, and each subsequent sweep go for one foot (30cm) out until you straining to hold arm out as far as possible. We suggest to continue do this for each segment of the pier, with about a foot overlap between segments.

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For the actual sweep, don’t drag the magnet, lift it up about 3-6 inches (8-15 cm), and set it down 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) away. This looks more like a series of short hops than a drag. This allows you to immediately feel the extra weight if you pick something up, as well as vastly reduce the chance of getting snagged on a rock. In areas with thick water weeds, you may have to lift the magnet higher vertically before moving the 4-5 inches (10-12 cm) horizontally. This works best with round magnets. Some fishing piers are supported by metal or wooden poles / beams. For those who have metal stems, be very careful putting your magnet close to it. Keep distance from them – foot and a half (50cm.)

Grappling hooks

To use the grappling hooks on the docks, make sure the forks are horizontal when dragging across bottom. If the hook angle is too high, you never attach anything. Try throwing a hook next to what you are trying to catch, and then walk a few feet (a few meters). Then place your foot at the edge of the dock so that it partially hangs over the water, and place the rope on the side of the foot from where you dropped the hook. Then slowly start pulling the hook. By pulling your foot down and pulling the rope in front of it, the angle will be much better than if you dropped the hook and just started pulling normally.

What to do when your magnet gets stuck

Stuck magnet dive

For retrieving a stuck magnet, you have to know the difference between the two main types of meaning “stuck”.

  1. The magnet is either stuck on a rock, log, or some other underwater obstruction, or it’s stuck to a large piece of metal and can’t be pulled off. For the first type of stuck, try pulling from different angles. If that doesn’t work, try and find a long branch with a fork on the end. Hold the branch out so that the rope is in the fork, and use it to lift from further out. Hopefully that angle will get it unstuck. If nothing else, check to see if you can swim in the area you’re fishing in, and retrieve it manually.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. For the second type of stuck, try pulling from different angles like with the first type. This will often get it unstuck without further trouble. If the magnet is still firmly latched on, you will have to use some physical force. Strong frequent jerks on the rope will have a better chance of dislodging the magnet compared to steady pull. If everything else fails, the one method we suggest to use is to wrap the rope around your waist 3-4 times, and throw all your body weight against the rope. Also, if your magnet is stuck to a metal beam or pole above water, which can happen often on bridges, never try to pull straight back. Prying it off by the eyelet is usually the best way. If you have to pull straight up, remember that your legs are usually stronger than your arms. Squat, wrap the rope around your arms, and pull with your legs. This will usually get the magnet off whatever it’s stuck on. In extreme cases, a metal ratchet puller will either work, or break the rope. For extremely searious moments, you can try hitch rope to the car to get magnet unstuck. Whenever you’re using mechanical methods for getting a magnet unstuck, be caretful if the rope breaks it could snap back with a lot of force.

Those are the main methods to be aware of. The hopping method works anywhere you’ll be fishing straight down, such as bridges and piers. If fishing out in canals or rivers, it won’t be practical, and drags will really be your only option. If you drag, do it slowly so you’ll feel when there is extra weight. Also, if you pull too quickly, you may keep the magnet off the bottom.

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