Why is magnet fishing illegal?

Magnet fishing hobby(picture from www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/people/magnet-fishing-hundreds-in-the-district-now-hooked-on-fast-growing-hobby-3170206)

Magnet Fishing as a hobby

Magnet fishing is a great way to spend your free time. Some go with their friends, others with children. Actually it is a good hobby to be with yourself.

mine from water

Magnet fishing dangers

The biggest danger of fishing with magnets is catching some mines, bombs, guns.. As you know, some items are specially hidden under water, because for some folks it looks extremely safe place to hide something. Thats why it is good to see what you catch even before you take it out of the water, because if it looks very suspisious, than better leave it in the water and call 911.

Magnet fishing laws US

Magnet fishing is legal in 49 states of 50 in United States. Only in South Carolina magnet fishing is illegal. Also, in some private waters magnet fishing can be banned.

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Why magnet fishing is illegal in South Carolina

South Carolina has different law legistlation, they argument is that Magnet fishers can destroy some submerged antiquities. 

If you like to read, there is an official code of law –  Title 54 – Ports and Maritime Matters.

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