What is Magnet Fishing? Magnet Fishing Tips

Fishing with Magnet – A new hobby is rapidly gaining popularity

More and more enthusiasts worldwide are throwing strong magnets tied to ropes into rivers and lakes, believing that they will catch something. Some thus cleanse nature. Others expect to benefit from found and valuable metallic antiquities. Fishing with magnets can give you a lot of adventure and joy when something is discovered. Some people even say that magnet fishing is not a hobby but a way of life.

So What is Magnetic Fishing?


Magnetic fishing, also known as Magnetic fishing, looks for ferromagnetic objects in outdoor waters that a strong neodymium magnet can attract. Unfortunately, there are no historical articles where people write about Magnet fishing dates (if you know some of them, please leave a link in a comment section or write a private message). However, we found out that boaters started possible magnet fishing by using magnets to recover fallen keys from the water.

Magnet Fishing Tips

Start Magnet Fishing – 5 basic tools for strong startup

whats is magnet fishing magnet

For fishing with magnet you definitely need a magnet. Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of magnets available, making them ideal for taking or “fishing” metal objects from lakes, rivers and streams.  Want to go pro level from starting? buy atleast 500 pounds (230 kg) magnet, with this number you nerver go wrong. But if you want to try this hobby, you can also choose lover numbers like 200 pounds (90 kg). 200 pounds (90 kg) Magnets are realy not that expensive. Already have a Magnet with eyebolt? don’t forget to use loctite ( it will lock and seal threaded fasteners). But also, you can just use a super glue for this. Loctite and super glue can be removed with some acetone paint remover.

Rope for Magnet

rope for magnet fishing

When you have a magnet for fishing treasures, don’t forget to buy a rope of the right length. We suggest to buy not less than 100 feet (30 meters) or more lenght of rope. It should be attached to a special metal coil (or carabiner). We suggest nylon or polyethylene rope is the best choice due to their strength and resistance to rot. The thinner rope is lighter and you will be able to “feel” things better, but the thicker rope is easier on the hands and much stronger. We suggest to use 3/8 inch (9,5 mm.) nylon rope. 

Gloves can protect from Bacteria

Gloves for magnet fishing

A lot of public water (the best magnetic fishing grounds) is a breeding ground for bacteria and diseases, not to mention unprocessed raw wastewater from treatment plants flowing into rivers during heavy rainfall. We suggest to buy some good quality gloves, we recommend thermal ones that are made for working in cold storage facilities anyway as they tend to be waterproof and stab/cut resistant. Well chosen gloves really help to keep your hands warm and not all stink of whatever water you’re at. If you go for magnet fishing in winter, then Gloves become primary tool because once you’re wet, it’s game over, so invest in some good gloves that will keep the water from your hands and body.

Bucket for Treasures

buck for magnet fishing

A five gallon (20 liters) bucket is a decent choice for magnet fishing. Some folks drill some small holes on the buttom of bucket. Those holes will help you to drain water out of the bucket. Sometimes water is absorbed in some plastic or other materials.We also recommend to bring along some food container (luch box) to store hooks and lures
you do not get them mixed in with the rest of your loot. Because there is a danger to get some infection from rusty hooks or other sharp metals. If a long time has passed since you had a tetanus vaccine shot, maybe it is a time to renewal.

Good grappling hook and Rope

Grappling for magnet fishing

Grappling hooks and strong ropes will help you in moments when your magnet gets stuck. When you are fishing with magnets there is a big chance that swings will get you on large things, or non-ferrous items. Grappling hooks used with some muscle strength can save you from buying a new Magnet. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on tools like good grappling tool, you always can go for tools that you have at home.  A gardening trowel with some rope and duct tape can make a good substitute in a pinch (how to make it, i will show in next post). If you’re not sure and don’t want to spend a lot of money on tools, to test this hobby you can buy a 173 pound (80 kg) magnet, and rope.

Some Magnet Fishing Treasures Can Be Dangerous

dangers of magnet fishing

With a magnet you can be a natural cleaner or a bomb clearer. So be safe and act smart if you find something dangerous looking. In rivers and lakes there is still a lot of unexploded World Wars legacy left. In rivers, lakes or other water ponds you still can catch a lot of  dangerous unexploded bombs heads, anti tank mines, bullets and etc. Some Magnet fishers says that “Holy Grail” of magnet fishing is a gun.  In situations where you pull out something who is looking dangerous, best thing to do is call the emergency number and tell them that you might find something explosive.

It is a very good and relaxing hobby nowadays in these harsh times when Covid-19 pandemic is striking. So if you try to avoid people, you can always go for meditation with magnet alone. If you are still thinking about starting, just try it, because if you end up not liking it, you can always sell equipment on craiglist. Or you can just have a magnet at home, because it is handy tool. With a magnet you can pull out metal bolts or screws that have been lost in tight spaces.

If you have personal tips about magnet fishing, share it with other magnet fishing lovers.

magnetreasure.com team wishes you the best magnetic treasures of 2021.

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